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PC Repairs has over 10 Years experience in Computer repairs and issue solution, taking away the stress of everyday computing, specialising in SMB and Home/domestic and Home run business, offering onsite repairs & services. Proud to offer quality, reliability and a trustworthy service.  Call Rodger : 01453 766312  Mob : 079 4979 2501

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Today's world in technology terms is so much more than a Computer, The choices of Hardware are many although there is still a place for the Computer, this being in the from of a Tower PC, or the less popular Desktop Computer,Today's Flat screen Monitor's or TFT's for short are so common now that the older CRT Screens are almost Gone from view.

The options from Laptops to Notebooks and Netbooks, depending on your Needs or requirements, as the Laptop is space saving and portable, you have to consider the power consumption battery's do vary in their performance for Internet and email, The Netbook can be a very useful tool as it is smaller and more compact than the laptop, if you want a good sized Screen and keyboard then maybe consider a Notebook , then there is the tablet PC (various makes) (Generic Term) Better known as an I-Pad, made by Apple, and these again are so useful for everyday task's App's or applications that Run on the Tablets are The Big thing with these devices, they can provide the user with very easy to use intuitive computing, the difference in the main computer and the smaller or compact devices mentioned here is that with a PC you can upgrade it or have a greater scope for hardware specification, Memory (Ram) Harddrive,Video (Graphic's) (GPU) optical driver’s (cd rom, cdrw, dvd, Blueray) Motherboard choices so if you want a fast multitasking machine with dual or multi core processing (Cpu) (Intel AMD) and need the power that is needed then power supplies are also a consideration, digital pics have become the norm as there was and still is Firewire but USB is the common used method now for a lot of devices and what started with 1.0 then 1.1 then usb 2,0 and the most recent addition is usb 3.0, however there is always a catch up in the market for printers and devices to start using the latest technology, rather like when Blue tooth was first introduced, from Headsets to printers and mobile phones and smart devices that use this method of communication,modem's that were used for dial-up internet services now almost vanished except where in some cases there is no option to have Broadband which when first introduced were using adsl modems that were plugged into the pc via a usb port, now that there is wireless options the more obvious choice is a Router (wireless router) which enables you to connect up all your devices to enable networking if you want or sharing of your media and files, there is still a need sometimes to be directly connected to the router which is via an Ethernet cable from the Pc to the router, giving a more reliable and secure connection, routers have their own built in firewalls giving you a first line of defence against any intrusions, but there is also a need in today's digital world to use software on your computing devices anti-virus software or Internet security software. Scanners and the all-in-one Printers now also wireless options.

When wireless just does not do it and running cables is not an option, Home-Plugs can fill the gap again there is a wide choice of speed capability but they need to go straight into the wall socket not through a surge protector. When out and about or if you don't want a permanent broadband contract with an ISP (internet service provider) you may want to consider a dongle as these will get you on the web and can be pay as you go or contract. Floppy drives are also not normally supplied when building a pc but there are usb options, replaced by Flash drives (memory sticks) external Hard drives for backing up or sharing your media and files and there is some good backup services and software depending on if you want local backup (at your place) or if you want online or remote storage,there are some options on the Link page on this site,again another choice is the Cloud another much talked about service for sharing your files and media, backup is important its one of those things that people say they will do but often forget and electronics’s or pc's are like anything else they can break down, although there are Data recovery options for this should you find yourself in a situation, we can help.

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